Dental Implants

Goal of Dentistry

- Restoration of oral health, function & esthetics

Over a past decade there is marked increase in Implant Dentistry.
The increased need and use of implant-related treatments result from the combined effect of several factors including
1. Aging population living longer:-
When Alexander the Great conquered the ancient world; he was only 17 years old. However, life expectancy at that time was only 22 years of age. From 1000 BC to AD 1800 life span remained less than 30 years. Since 1960, the increase in life expectancy has been more rapid than any other time in the history.
In addition, not only is the life expectancy increasing, but overall population is also increasing. Social pleasures, including dining and dating continue throughout advanced life.
2. Tooth loss related to age:-
The first molars are the first permanent teeth to erupt in the mouth and, unfortunately, are often the teeth lost as a result of decay, failed endodontic (root canal) treatment or fracture.
3. Consequence of fixed partial dentire (crown & bridge):-
Caries or decay on abutment teeth (teeth adjacent to missing tooth/teeth).
Advantages of implant over crown & bridge prostheses -
   - Decreased risk of caries on adjacent teeth.
   - Decreased risk of endodontic problems on adjacent teeth.
   - Improved ability to clean the proximal surfaces of the       adjacent teeth.
   - Improved esthetics of adjacent teeth.
   - Improved maintenance of bone in the edentulous (missing tooth) site.
   - Decrease cold or contact sensitivity of adjacent teeth.
   - Psychological advantage.
   - Decreased abutment tooth loss (untouched adjacent tooth/teeth).
4. Anatomic consequence of endentulism (missing teeth):-
A tooth is necessary for the development of alveolar bone, and stimulation of this bone is required to maintain its density and volume. In removable dentures, the load is transferred only to the surface and not whole bone. As a result, blood supply is reduced and total bone volume loss occurs.Thats why removable dentures loose retention and need to be replaced after some time.

As a result of bone loss, chin rotates forward, there is decreased facial height, increased naso-labial folds, loss of tone in muscles of facial expression

In contrast, implant transfers the load to entire bone, stimulates blood supply and thus maintains the bone volume and density. Hence, better esthetics.
5. Poor performance of removable partial dentures:-
- Decreased biting force; hence masticatory/chewing efficacy   reduces
- Food selection is limited; hence healthy food intake is   decreased
- Overall effect on patients health and life span
6. Consequences of removable partial dentures:-
- Require repair or remake of removable denture
- Effect on adjacent/supporting teeth (decay,    loosening/mobility)
- Increased periodontal/gum problems
- Increased bone loss in edentulous (missing teeth) site
7. Psychological aspects of tooth loss:-
- Romantic situations affected (especially in new relationship)
- Difficulty in speech - lecturers, speakers etc.
- Limited social appearance/ avoid social contacts

8. Predictable long term results and advantages of implant-supported prostheses:-
- Maintain bone
- Restore and maintain occlusal vertical dimension (height)
- Maintain facial esthetics (muscle tone for facial expressions)
- Improve esthetics
- Improve phonetics/speech
- Improve occlusion/chewing efficacy
- Improve/regain oral proprioception (occlusal/chewing   awareness)
- Reduce size of prostheses (compared to removable dentures)
- Acts as an individual unit (like natural tooth)
- No need to alter adjacent tooth/teeth
- High success rate (in case of single tooth implant above 97% for 10 years)
- Overall improvement or maintenance of general health
- Improve psychological health
9. Increased public awareness:-
Reference: Carl E. Misch. Rationale for Dental Implants. 3rd Edition. Contemporary Implant Dentistry. Elsevier

We at Esthetic Dental Care take care of all above considerations.
Only certified (MDS/PGCOI) specialist do the dental implant placement and implant supported prostheses in our clinic. As you would expect; the treatment is done with a gentle touch using latest technology in a relaxing environment. Knowing that you want to look and feel your best, we enjoy answering your queries and sharing our knowledge.


Dr. ParagHadge (MDS, PGCOI)

Consulting Periodontist& Oral Implantologist

Dr. Daisy Happy (MDS), Gold Medalist

Consulting Periodontist& Oral Implantologist

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